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Do you remember the last time your septic tank was pumped by a professional? Dinsmore Trucking and Septic Services is a full-range septic service company. We are proud to serve the following areas:

We offer a full range of septic services for both residents and businesses. We are experts when it comes to septic tank services. We can offer septic tank pumping, repair, maintenance, and replacement. We have the right experience to help you with all your septic needs.

We take pride in the way we do our septic business. We make sure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with Our Services. That’s why we see to it to provide fast and reliable septic tank services.

1. Septic Tank Repairs

No matter how small or complicated the repair you need, we can handle it for you. We have the best septic specialists to repair your septic tank.

2. Septic Tank Locating

Can’t find your septic tank? We can help you locate it! We have the best equipment to help you locate your septic tank, even if buried underground.

3. Septic Pump Replacement

When one of the parts of your septic system is broken, we can replace it. If you need to replace your old or broken septic pump, call us! We only use the best materials to make sure your septic tank will last for many years.

4. Septic Tank Alarm Installation

A septic tank alarm can help you track the status of your septic system. We can install the best septic alarm for you.

5. Septic Tank Lid Replacement

A broken septic lid can cause health hazards to you, your family, and the community. That’s why it is essential to invest in a good septic tank lid.

6. Septic Tank Riser Installation

We also offer septic tank riser installation. We can help you decide the best septic tank riser style that suits your septic system.

7. Sewer Line Clearing

It is inconvenient when your sewer lines are clogged. Call us when you need sewer line clearing. We can help your septic tank system back on track again.

Septic tank pumping uses a pump truck. This truck is connected to your property’s septic tank. By using suction, it removes the waste in the tank and pipes. The pump truck allows the septic technician to clear out your septic system.

Dinsmore Trucking and Septic Services recommend septic pumping every 3-5 years. We can also make recommendations for septic tank pumping for your property.

Our technicians are well-trained in all aspects of septic tank pumping. We can accommodate your septic tank pumping needs whatever they are. We will provide a full inspection of your septic system during septic cleaning. This inspection will ensure that all of the parts of your system are working correctly.

From creating a delicious menu to finding the best staff, you work hard to ensure that your restaurant is always at its best. Part of the requirements to keep you in business is grease trap cleaning.

Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services offer grease trap cleaning. We make sure that your grease traps are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. We promise to keep you in business.

We are fully trained and knowledgeable about proper grease trap cleaning and maintenance. Using quality drain line jetting, we will pump out your grease trap thoroughly. We will ensure that all grease collected will be disposed of properly.

Our Service Areas

We take pride in offering our septic tank services in Jackson County, Norman, Seymour, Brownstown, Madora, Freetown, Brown County, Nashville, Lawrence County, Bedford, Heltonville, Bartholomew County, Columbus, Jennings County, and North Vernon, IN.

Call us now at (812) 929-7508 to know more about our septic services. Leave the messy septic works to us. Look no further than Dinsmore Trucking and Septic Services!

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