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Septic Tank Riser Installation in Jackson County, Indiana | Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services

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Here at Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we offer riser and lids installation. We can install risers on old tanks or brand new installs. Some of the excellent benefits of septic tank risers are:

You will be reminded of the presence of your septic tank each time you see the riser cover.

Modern septic tank risers are easier to seal surface water from entering the tank.

Not all septic tanks are created equal. They don't all have a riser and lid as part of the tank. A septic tank riser is a pipe made out of concrete or plastic. It is attached to your septic tank opening for easy accessibility to the septic system. As functional as it can be, a lot of concrete and older septic tanks are not made with risers.

Since you can find septic tanks under the ground, it can make them very hard to get pumped out. Septic maintenance can also become difficult. A septic riser installed on your septic tanks can make this process a whole lot easier. The riser extends to ground level for better visibility.

Have a riser and lid added to your septic tank will save you money. If your septic tanks are buried below the ground, we will locate and dig it to get to the opening. It will enable us to inspect it or pump it out, it will end up costing you more money in location and accessing fees. Having a riser and lid as part of your septic tank system is the best way to make your septic system easy to reach.

Getting a riser installed on your septic tank may sound like a project you could take on yourself. Still, like all things that are involved in the septic system, it must be done right the first time. Make sure you have a professional install a riser and lid for you that has experience in the septic field.

We have a riser, and a lid installed means that we outfit your septic tanks with a riser that fits the opening. First of all, we will need to uncover the septic tank if it is already installed and not part of a new system. We start our installation by choosing the right material, size, and length of riser for the tank. We will clean all the dirt around the septic tank opening. Cleaning it properly will ensure that there is nothing in the way of sealing the riser to the tank. We will apply a solid adhesive material so that the riser bonds with the tank and is waterproof. Getting the riser sealed adequately is very important. If not done properly, sewage will leak out and create a mess. The last step to having a riser installed is getting it fit with a tightly -sealed lid.

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