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“Providing professional septic tank location services in Jackson County, Indiana- call us today!”

Did you recently buy a property in Jackson County, Indiana? If you are having issues with the location of your septic tank, we are here to help. Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services offer septic tank locating services.

Alongside that, we also offer the following:
Septic Tank Pumping
Septic Tank Services
Septic Tank Repairs
Septic Pump Replacement
Septic Tank Alarm Installation
Septic Tank Riser Installation
Septic Tank Lid Replacement
Grease Trap Cleaning
Sewer Line Clearing

We take pride in the quality of our septic tank locating services. Our septic technicians provide fast and reliable service. We guarantee to provide 100% customer satisfaction in all our septic projects.

When you have an emergency, and you need a septic tank locating service, call us immediately. Our professionals can pinpoint the location of your septic tank with ease. We offer this service to both residential and commercial areas alike!

The Importance of Septic Tank Locating

We highly recommend that you call a septic company to locate your septic tank system. You can achieve it successfully after a septic pump-out is done. The remaining components left are pump tank, distribution box, dry well, drain field, and mound system.

When you need a septic tank repair, and you do not know the location of the tank, we can help. Below are some ways in which it can be done.

1. Obtain the septic system diagram.

Call the company that installed the system. They may still have copies of plans for your septic system. The diagram can tell you the location of the tank, as well as the lids. However, if your septic system was installed before permits were needed, this option won’t work. 

2. Look for some signs.

The previous homeowner may have marked the location of the tank in a little way. It can be in the form of a small flag or some lawn ornament.

3. Locate the septic tank first.

If you want to locate your septic tank, you must follow the main sewer lines. The sewer lines can pinpoint and find the exact location of your septic tank. Generally, the septic tank is the first part of the septic system. It can be found between 10 to 20 feet of a property’s structure.

4. Call a septic tank professional.

Even if you find your septic tank, never try to open it. Call a septic professional to do any necessary repairs. Septic tank companies are skilled at locating the tank and lid.

We are Septic Tank Locating Experts!

We have been locating numerous septic tank systems all over Jackson County, Indiana. We are fully committed to customer service. We have the best technicians in the business with a long history of dependable work.

We promise to listen to your needs and take care of them. We guarantee to provide excellent services at affordable prices you can appreciate. Our prices may be low, but we do not sacrifice the quality of our work.

Give us a call now and let our septic tank professionals help you. When you cannot find your septic tank, reach out to us!

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