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Septic Tanks are always fitted with certain types of pumps. These pumps help get rid of the waste or pumps out water to the drain field. If you get your pump installed with an alarm, it will alert you when your pump stops working. Thus, it can save you some major septic issues. Some of the reasons why your septic alarm is triggered are:

You have a broken pump.
There is a disconnection of power to the pump.
Your septic tank is leaking.

A septic alarm is a safety precaution that is placed in your septic tank. It will alert you when the levels in your septic tank get too high. When a septic system is installed, a wire should always be put in place for an alarm circuit. It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that there is an alarm set up for your septic tank.

Like everything else, alarms can stop working and need to be replaced. Getting your alarm checked is an essential part of the regular septic inspection. When you need a septic alarm replacement, call the septic professionals. Dinsmore Septic Services has experience with different types of septic systems. We know what the right alarm replacement for you is.

It is essential to your septic maintenance that your alarms are in working condition. When your alarm is broken, you will notice signs such as sewage backing up in your pipes. We offer septic alarm replacement and can replace any alarm system that you have in place.

There are several different types of alarms you can get as your alarm replacement. One of the most popular alarm systems is called the pedestal alarm. This type of alarm comes with a pedestal post that gets buried in the ground. It is equipped with a float switch that runs from the septic tank to the alarm box. When the water levels get too high, it will trigger the float switch and set off an alarm buzzer and light.

Another type of alarm replacement is one that is installed indoors. They can be placed in your garage, garden shed or home. The difference between this alarm and the pedestal alarm is that it is not outfitted with a weatherproof box. It has the same functions as a float switch. It monitors the tank water levels, and when they get too high sets off an alarm that buzzes and lights up. 

You can also get your alarm replaced with a wireless alarm. There are several different types of wire alarms that you can get your alarm replaced with. Just like the other alarms, they have a float switch that gets activated when the levels are too high. But with the wireless option, you can monitor the levels of your septic tank. You will get alerts sent straight to your phone. Depending on your situation and budget, we have the right alarm replacement for you.

An alarm in your septic tank is one of the best ways to maintain your septic tank. It will keep you alerted when the fluid levels get too high. It will help you prevent a septic emergency such as sewage backing up in the pipes.

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