Septic tank pumping services involve the removal of sewage and wastewater from a septic system. Without proper maintenance, septic systems can fail, leading to pollution of groundwater and surface water, the creation of nuisances, and costly repairs. 

It’s critical to have a company you can trust regarding septic pumping. At Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we keep your septic system in good working condition and avoid costly problems down the road. 

With our septic system maintenance service, you can extend the septic system’s life by preventing solids from clogging the drain field.


Our Septic Tank Pumping Process

If you want to avoid an expensive mess, don’t try to pump your septic tank yourself. When you hire our septic system maintenance, we will schedule a time and a day.

Step 1

When we arrive, we’ll start by finding your tank. If you want us to save time and money for you, it’s a good idea if you could tell us where your septic is. 

Step 2

Once we find your septic tank, then we can start pumping it. We pump your septic by parking the truck and attaching a hose to the car that goes down into your septic.

Step 3

We use a vacuum to remove any built-up sludge. It also allows us to inspect your tank for leaks and ensure it works properly.

Step 4

We finish the septic tank pumping by ensuring your septic is running before we leave!

Reasons To Hire Dinsmore For Service

If you want to ensure that your septic system operates effectively, consider getting it pumped regularly. Sludge will build up over time and won’t break down as rapidly, allowing sewage to back up in your house.

When your home is experiencing a clog, you’ll notice slow drains and bad smells coming from your sink and shower area. It’s also possible that this will prevent your toilets from flushing or overflowing.

If you wait too long, your entire septic system may fail. It’s an expensive repair you can avoid by getting septic system maintenance from Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services.

Hire The Best Septic System Maintenance

If you’ve been searching for “septic system maintenance near me,” then at Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we’re the ideal option for you. 

We’re the best septic system maintenance company in Norman, IN. Our septic technicians are experienced and knowledgeable professionals that you can trust.