At Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we recognize that grease trap cleaning and septic tank pumping are vital services for any business and property.

Not sure what you need to do to maintain your septic system? Let us help at Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services. We’re the company for you if you’re in Lawrence County, IN.


Wondering What A Grease Trap Is? Leave It To Us!

Keeping your grease trap clean cannot be overstated. A grease trap is designed to catch all the grease and oil from cooking processes so that it doesn’t end up in the sewer system.

What Can Happen If They’re Dirty Or Full?

When grease traps get full, they can cause severe problems for both businesses and homes. Overflowing grease traps can release their contents into the environment, while the gasses they produce can be hazardous.

Inspecting Your Grease Trap Is Essential

Keeping your kitchen running ensures your grease trap is properly inspected and cleaned. It helps protect your plumbing and prevent grease buildup in the sewer lines.

How Vital Is Pumping My Septic Tank?

Septic tank pumping is essential for several reasons:

  1. It helps to remove solid waste from the tank. This waste can build up and clog the system if it is not removed.
  2. Septic tank pumping helps to keep the bacteria in the tank healthy. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down solid waste.
  3. It prevents odors from escaping the tank. Septic tanks can produce unpleasant odors if they are not pumped regularly. 

Why Choose Our Services

Solid Services

We provide outstanding customer service and put our clients first. Our top priorities include your convenience and enjoyment. We promise to deliver you with the finest service possible.

Reliable And Fast

Our skilled professionals will rapidly and thoroughly examine your tank for cracks and poor performance.

We’re Professionals

We at Dinsmore Septic Services are dedicated and confident in our efforts. Working with us implies that you’ll be dealing with an expert who knows exactly what he or she’s doing.

We’ve Got You Covered When It Comes To Greasy Matters!

Grease trap cleaning is an important service that we provide to maintain your grease traps working correctly. It may continue to operate and perform as intended in this manner.

The frequency of grease trap cleaning is determined by the types of food you prepare and how often you do so. By keeping up with your grease trap maintenance, you prevent any problems that could halt your kitchen productivity!

Trust Us For Your Grease Trap Cleaning in Lawrence County, IN

At Dinsmore Trucking & Services in Lawrence County, IN, we can handle all of your septic system maintenance and grease trap cleaning needs. Contact us immediately to book an appointment or schedule a regular checkup for your grease trap.

At our company, we always put our customers’ best interests first and have many years of experience to back us up.