At Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we understand that a septic system is a crucial part of your home or business. We take our responsibility to keep it functioning correctly very seriously.

Septic tank pumping and grease trap cleaning are just some of the ways we can help you maintain your septic system. If you need Septic Tank Pumping services, don’t hesitate to hire us at Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services in Brown County, IN.


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At Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we recognize the significance of maintaining your septic system in excellent working order, and our staff of professional experts is committed to providing exceptional service.

Septic Pumping

It’s important to have your septic tank pumped every few years to keep solids from building up and clogging the system. Depending on the size of your septic tank and how many people are using it, we recommend having it pumped every 3-5 years.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps can become clogged with grease, oil, and other debris, causing your septic system to back up. It’s essential to have your grease traps cleaned regularly.

Septic System Repair

If you have a septic system, it’s essential to care for it properly. At Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we take care of everything. 


    1. Slow drains

    1. Foul smells coming from drains or the septic tank

    1. Lush, green grass growing over the septic tank or leach field

    1. Water pooling in the yard over the septic tank or leach field.

Septic System Maintenance

A septic system is a major investment, and proper maintenance is essential for its longevity. At Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we offer various septic system maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly.

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When you hire our services for your septic system maintenance, you can be sure that you are employing experienced and educated experts in the field. At Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services, we always put our customers first and want to ensure you’re comfortable and satisfied with our service.

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