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“We can deal with all types of septic issues. For more information, call us today!” As a resident or business owner in Lawrence County, Indiana, an efficient septic system is a necessity. Over time, you may be faced with septic issues that need professional service. When that time comes, call Dinsmore Trucking and Septic Services. We are ready to provide fast and reliable service to residential. We are proud of the quality of work we do at Lawrence County, Indiana.

Your satisfaction is what keeps us going in this business. Call us for all your septic needs!

When you need a reliable septic service for your home or business, we are here to help! We are committed to delivering quality septic services. Below are some of the septic services we offer.

1. Septic Tank Repairs

When your septic tank fails you, call us right away. We’ll have your system inspected to perform necessary repairs.

2. Septic Tank Locating

If you recently bought a property, you may have forgotten about the location of the septic tank. Our technicians can find it for you!

3. Septic Pump Replacement

We can replace your broken septic pump to ensure the efficiency of your septic system. Call us to know more about our septic pump replacement.

4. Septic Tank Alarm Installation

A septic alarm is crucial for the health of your septic system. We can install a septic alarm for you when you need one.

5. Septic Tank Lid Replacement

A broken septic lid can cause health hazards to the environment. Your septic lid must be structurally sound. Call us when you need to replace your septic tank lid.

6. Sewer Line Clearing

Leave the heavy and dirty works of clogged sewer lines. We have the proper tools and equipment to make them work again.

We suggest emptying your septic tank at least every one to three years. Investing in septic tank pumping will save you from expensive septic repairs. This process will ensure that your system is working correctly.

Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services offer septic tank pumping. We remain 100% dedicated to providing you with the best service in Lawrence County, Indiana. We can also create your schedule to ensure that your septic system is well-serviced.

Efficient Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Operating a commercial kitchen requires complying with sanitation standards. We offer grease trap cleaning services at the best rates. We make sure to get rid of any grease, oil, and fats that have accumulated in your grease traps.

Why Dinsmore Trucking and Septic Services?

· Fast and Reliable Service

We work efficiently to save you money! You can count us for honest work and professional service.

· Residential and Commercial Septic

We proudly serve the needs of homeowners and businesses in Lawrence County. So, whether you need septic services for your home or office, we are here to help.

Whatever septic issue you may have, call us, and we’ll be glad to help! You can reach us at (812) 929-7508. We look forward to helping you solve your septic problems.

What Do Our Clients Say?


Septic Tank Pumping is something that your septic systems should have done every 3 to 5 years to maintain your septic system. If your septic is having issues, call us today to see if you need your septic pumped!


Keeping your septic tank running efficiently is important if you want to avoid a catastrophe. Having your septic tank cleaned as part of a maintenance routine will keep your septic working properly!


Commercial kitchens need to have their grease traps cleaned regularly. We make sure we inspect and clean every part of your grease trap to ensure it will work properly so you won’t have septic problems down the road
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