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“We set the industry standard for septic tank services in Jennings County, call us today!” You need a professional septic company to keep your septic system working correctly. When you need a variety of septic services, count on our team. Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services is the top-rated septic company in Jennings County, Indiana.

We take pride in the way we handle our septic services. You can rely on our fast and reliable services. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We also offer Septic Tank Lid Replacement!

If your property has a septic system, you need to be responsible for its maintenance. It needs proper care and attention to keep working smoothly. If you ignore it, expect unpleasant and costly results!
Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services is proud to offer the following:

· Septic Tank Repairs

When you need septic system repair, call our professionals. We provide a wide range of repair services to property owners in Jennings County, Indiana.

· Septic Tank Locating

We can locate your septic tank system for you, without digging it. Call us when you cannot find the location of your septic tank. 

· Septic Pump Replacement

All the components of the septic system need to work correctly. If your septic pump is broken, we can provide the replacement. 

· Septic Tank Alarm Installation

A septic tank alarm is crucial for the overall health of your septic system. We recommend installing a septic tank alarm if you don’t have one.  

· Septic Tank Lid Replacement

If your septic tank lid needs replacement, we can do it for you. We have the best quality materials to complete the job. 

· Septic Tank Riser Installation

A septic riser replaces your septic lid to give you above-ground access. We can help you choose the best septic tank riser style for your septic system.

· Sewer Line Clearing

Clogged pipes are inconvenient and stressful. Call us, and we’ll repair your pipes to make your system work again!

Regular septic tank pumping is the best way to extend the life of your septic system. Experts recommend emptying your tank every 1-3 years. The septic specialists will come to your home, dig up your tank, and pump out all the sludge in the tank. They will also inspect your tank for cracks or other damage.

Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services offer septic tank pumping. We are the leading provider of this service in Jennings County, Indiana. We will make sure that your septic tank will work for a long time. We can also work on your schedule, moving forward.

Are you running a Commercial Kitchen in Jennings County, Indiana? We offer Grease Trap Cleaning!

Grease traps play a significant role in the kitchen’s plumbing system. Oils and grease can cause severe damage and can back up to your septic tank.
We provide residents and businesses in Jennings County, Indiana, with the best grease trap cleaning. We specialize in offering complete cleaning of any grease trap. We take pride in providing this service at a low and competitive price.

1. The Best Septic Prices

You can rest assured to get the best quality services at the best prices. We guarantee all our customers that our septic professionals are certified. All you need to do is call us, and we’ll be on our way to your home. 

2. Areas We Serve

We serve the Jennings County, Indiana. We also serve other neighboring cities that are listed below:

o Jackson County
o Norman
o Seymour
o Brownstown
o Medora
o Freetown
o Brown County
o Nashville
o Lawrence County
o Bedford
o Heltonville
o Bartholomew County
o Columbus
o North Vernon

3. Timely Service

We know how vital your septic tank is. That’s why we make sure to attend to your needs as fast as we can.

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