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Major drain clogs in your home can be a real bummer and using a plunger will not always be the solution. Drain cleaning chemicals you can find in your local stores are not always the healthiest option either, as they are often ineffective and can damage the integrity of your plumbing. In situations like this, your best solution is to have your drains checked by the professionals from Dinsmore Trucking and Septic Services.

Our team of trained and experienced experts at Dinsmore Trucking and Septic Services are equipped with high-quality drain and sewer cleaning equipment to effectively get rid of the problem.

We offer hydro jetting services for drain and sewer lines to all properties throughout Jackson County, Indiana. Our experts have been trained to inspect your pipes carefully with any hydro jet service and make sure that your pipes are clean and clear of anything that may cause clogging.

Hydro jetting is a kind of cleaning using water that flows through a long, thin, flexible hose. The thin hose is fed into the drains and blasts out water under very high pressure. The nozzle emits water at all 360 degrees, making sure that every portion of the drainpipe is covered.

The pressure of the water that flows through the hose is powerful enough to force debris away from the pipe without causing any damages and move it into the sewer or septic tank. This type of high-pressure jetting is one of the most effective ways to clear your pipes of obstructions and sludge that often clings to the lining of your plumbing.

Hydro jetting might not be the kind of cleaning you’ve gotten used to, but it is one of the healthiest ways to clear your pipes. Check out some of the many benefits that hydro jetting offers:

Thoroughly cleans pipes

Hydro jetting offers a comprehensive cleaning of your plumbing. This procedure uses on average, 4000 psi.
That level of pressure and the amount of water can handle even the smallest of dust particles. It clears out any obstructions, clogs, or build-up, allowing the water to run smoothly after.

Removes residue

Your pipes take a lot of beating throughout the year. Particles such as sand, grease, mud, soap, and food all pass through the plumbing at any given moment. 

These all leave behind residue, that if not properly cleaned, can cause build-up and blockage. With hydro-jetting, you can clear this residue effectively and for a long time.

Reduces bacteria

Your pipes can harbor many strains of bacteria due to their constant use. This can cause health issues, odd odors, and general unpleasantness. Hydro jetting clears out the bacteria, along with the other dirt and grime

High pressure jetting is not only useful for clog removal. You can also schedule hydro jet services if you want to prevent drain clogs from occurring in the future. 

As grease and other residue stick to the inside of your pipes, it attracts additional debris, which builds up and eventually forms a major clog. High pressure jetting forces the debris and the residue away from the pipes, so that you may not have to deal with any clogs anymore.

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