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Nobody wants to deal with septic problems. Unfortunately, they can happen anytime, often without warning. If you notice that your toilet won’t flush, or there is sewage back up, call our septic experts. We are your source for repairs and maintenance of the septic system. We serve Heltonville, Indiana, and neighboring communities.


We are proud to provide an unmatched level of experience and dedication to every job we handle. We can handle all kinds of septic problems imaginable. We make sure to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services is your authority on septic services. We bring years of experience to every project we handle. Our team is always ready to provide your septic needs. Whether you need a simple repair or a septic emergency, we are the men for the job.

  • Septic Tank Repairs

We can help your septic system to work again. Our specialists are well-trained to diagnose and solve any septic issues you may have.

  • Septic Tank Locating

We can pinpoint the exact location of your septic tank through this service. We provide services to residential homes and commercial buildings alike.

  • Septic Pump Replacement

We can replace old or broken septic pumps to keep your system working. Call us to know more about this service.

  • Septic Tank Alarm Installation

Our septic alarm installation will allow you to monitor the status of your septic system. We have well-trained septic specialists in installing the septic alarm.

  • Septic Tank Lid Replacement

We provide replacement of septic tank lids as well. A septic lid is one of the essential parts of your septic system. It needs to be well-maintained always.

  • Sewer Line Clearing

Let us handle your clogged main sewers! We have the proper equipment to unclog your pipes. We know the inconvenience caused by clogged drains.

·Frequent usage of garbage disposal

·Running an in-home business

·Regular disposal of hazardous materials in the drain

·Frequent laundry activity

·Using water softener that is connected to the septic tank

Investing in routine septic pumping is essential. We provide septic pumping services to residents and businesses in Heltonville, Indiana. We are ready to assist you with your septic pumping needs. Our technicians can pump quickly to ensure maximized performance of your septic system.

Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Heltonville, Indiana

We are here to handle all your onsite grease removal requirements. We have highly-trained technicians and a fleet of vacuum trucks. We are fully licensed and insured to meet all state and city regulations.

We are the top choice for residents and businesses in Heltonville, Indiana. We offer a wide range of septic services that can work with all your septic needs. We are your all-in-one shop for all your septic needs.

And the best part? We offer 24-hour emergency service. We have on-call technicians who are working around the clock to handle your concerns. Stop depending on unreliable septic companies. Talk to us about feeling all your septic tank needs. With a fleet of septic tracks, we’re always ready to help.

Call us now at (812) 929-7508. If you call us now, be ready to receive your free estimate. Look no further than Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services for your septic needs!

What Do Our Clients Say?

Septic System Services

Septic Tank Pumping is something that your septic systems should have done every 3 to 5 years to maintain your septic system. If your septic is having issues, call us today to see if you need your septic pumped! 

Septic Maintenance Service

Keeping your septic tank running efficiently is important if you want to avoid a catastrophe. Having your septic tank cleaned as part of a maintenance routine will keep your septic working properly! 

Grease trap cleaning

Commercial kitchens need to have their grease traps cleaned regularly. We make sure we inspect and clean every part of your grease trap to ensure it will work properly so you won’t have septic problems down the road

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