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“When you need any emergency septic services, give us a call today!”

Do you need a reliable septic company in Bedford, Indiana? Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services offer a variety of septic services. We take pride in the quality of our septic services. We will help you in deciding your best options when it comes to septic tank services.


We are more than qualified to perform septic-related jobs. We have the right experience to provide total customer satisfaction.

High Quality Septic Tank Pumping in Bedford, Indiana

Many residents and businesses in Bedford, Indiana trust us for their septic services. We can handle septic repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Our technicians are well-equipped to provide you with the best in septic services.

Septic Tank Repairs

Prolonging the damage of your septic system will do you no good. Call us immediately, and we’ll conduct the needed repairs to get your system working again.

Septic Tank Locating

You might not know the location of your tank, especially if you are not the original owner of the property. We have the latest equipment to help you find your septic tank.

Septic Pump Replacement

Your septic pump works hard to move wastewater to an alternate tank. When it malfunctions, sewage can back up into the house. When you need a septic pump replacement, call us. We have well-trained technicians to replace your septic pump correctly.

Septic Tank Alarm Installation

An alarm installed in your septic tank will help you check the condition of your septic system. Give us a call when you need a septic alarm installation.

Septic Tank Lid Replacement

A septic tank lid will cover and supply the access to your tank. We offer septic tank lid replacement to all residents and businesses in Bedford, Indiana.

Sewer Line Clearing

While you may handle a simple clog in your kitchen sink, it is still best to leave the major clogs to the experts. We guarantee to make your pipes working again.

What Happens If Your Septic System Does Not Receive Septic Pumping?

Clogged and slow drains are every homeowner’s nightmare. Aside from that, you will have to deal with more septic tank issues. When left unsolved, these septic issues can become health hazards to you and your family.

One of the best ways to maintain your septic system is through septic tank pumping. We recommend septic tank pumping at least every one to three years. Generally, your septic system deals with human waste and wastewater. That’s why you have to take good care of it. Without regular septic pumping, substances inside may solidify and stay intact for years. When your tank has reached its full capacity, you will experience clogging and sewage back up.

The professionals at Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services offer septic pumping service. We guarantee to keep your septic system working for many years. We keep all the records of our customers for future references. When you trust us for your septic pumping, we will create a regular schedule for your septic system.

Affordable Grease Trap Cleaning Services

When you need a professional grease trap cleaning company in Bedford, Indiana, choose us. We will make sure to perform grease trap cleaning right the first time. We will remove any hardened grease that has accumulated in your grease traps. We follow specific procedures to make sure that your grease traps are well-cleaned.

Every homeowner and business in Bedford, Indiana, trust us for their septic services. You can check our website to know more about the services that we offer. Call us now at (812) 929-7508 to schedule your appointment with us or to receive a free estimate.

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