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“We provide the best septic services in Bartholomew County- call us today!” You might not have the choice of whether your home would have a septic tank or not. However, you can choose who will help you maintain your septic system. Dinsmore Trucking and Septic Services is the best choice for septic services. We take pride in serving Bartholomew County and its neighboring areas.
We have the best and most experienced septic technicians. We provide only the best and reliable septic services. We ensure total customer satisfaction in all the projects we handle.

We also offer Septic Tank Alarm Installation!

We are committed to delivering quality septic services that exceed the industry standards. Our main goal is total customer satisfaction. That’s why we value each of our customers. We cater to anyone in the area who needs septic services.

1. Septic Tank Repairs

Our septic technicians can handle everything related to the septic tank. From septic tank covers to cranks in the tanks, we have the right knowledge to get the job done right. 

2. Septic Tank Locating

We can locate your septic tank by using the latest tools and equipment. Call us to know more about our septic tank locating service. 

3. Septic Pump Replacement

We can replace all parts of your septic system, even components within the leach field. We have the expertise to replace your old septic pump. 

4. Septic Tank Alarm Installation

A septic alarm is an essential tool to help you monitor the health condition of your septic tank. We can install septic tank alarms professionally. 

5. Septic Tank Lid Replacement

Your septic lid should be structurally sound to function correctly. Give us a call when you need a septic tank lid replacement service. 

6. Sewer Line Clearing

Leave the sewer line clearing to us. We have the proper equipment to unclog all your pipes and keep your sewer lines working.

We suggest having a septic tank pumping service every 3-5 years. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you are a new homeowner, you should consider scheduling a septic pumping right after moving. We recommend this step if the former homeowner did not leave detailed records about the septic system maintenance.

Some factors can also increase your frequency of septic tank pumping. For instance, if your home has a garbage disposal, we suggest septic tank pumping annually. If you have a large family at home, you may also need to pump your system frequently.

Commercial and industrial buildings may also need to have frequent septic pumping. The building owner should keep a log with all the septic pumping dates listed. If any other septic tank maintenance is performed, it also needs to be included.

We can drastically improve the functionality and lifespan of your septic system. We will inspect your tank, drains, pipes, and leach field. Best of all, we provide both commercial and residential septic pumping services. So, whatever the size of your system is, we can help.

We specialize in grease trap cleaning for all commercial kitchens. It doesn’t matter what grease trap you have in your restaurant; we can clean it. Our pumping trucks are ready to clean and pump all sizes of grease traps.
Furthermore, we don’t only pump your grease trap. We make sure to clean it thoroughly. We will manually scrape the residue off the grease trap.

Will a Septic Service Solve the Smell?

A lot of people consider calling a professional septic service when they start to smell something strange. When your septic system hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it’s probably time to schedule an appointment.

You can also do the following things to help your septic system.

·  Check if all the drains have sufficient water in them.
All your drains should have water in the curve. It will stop the gas from coming back up into your property.

·  Ensure that the vents are clear.
The vents of your septic system are usually located on the roof. They allow natural gases to escape. Make sure that the vents are clear, and nothing is wrong with them. 

·  Check the gaskets and screws.
The toilets can loosen over time. Check the bathrooms in your property and make sure they’re secure.

If these things don’t work, it’s time to call a professionalDinsmore Trucking & Septic Services is the leading company for septic services. Choose us for your septic tank needs in Bartholomew County, Indiana.

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