6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Septic Tank System

6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Septic Tank System

Regularly cleaning your septic tank is essential for the health and safety of your family and community. When a septic tank becomes full or clogged, raw sewage can leak into groundwater and potentially spread harmful bacteria to nearby homes and businesses. It can also lead to expensive repairs for your property.

This blog post will let you know all the dos and don’ts of septic system maintenance to ensure you take proper care of it. Read on!

Do’s And Don’ts Of Septic Tank System Maintenance

Hire A Septic Tank Maintenance Company For Regular Inspections

Regularly having your septic tank inspected by a professional company will help ensure that it is functioning properly and catch any potential problems before they become bigger. 

Don’t wait until there are signs of a problem before scheduling an inspection or septic tank pumping. Prevention is key to maintaining a healthy septic system. 

Keep The Lids Closed

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to keep the lids of your septic tank closed. This helps prevent odors from escaping and keeps unwanted animals and people out of your septic system.

Don’t Waste Water

While using your sinks and toilets, be mindful of how much water you use. Overusing water can lead to a strain on your septic system and potentially damage it.

Flush Wisely!

Limit what goes into your septic tank (think flushable wipes and feminine hygiene products) to prevent clogs and backups. These items may seem small, but they can harm your system. 

By following these septic system maintenance tips, you are helping to preserve your septic tank’s functionality and longevity. Trust us; you don’t want to deal with the consequences of a clogged or backed-up septic tank. 

Don’t Use House Chemicals On Your Drains

Many think harsh chemicals will eliminate all the gunk in their pipes. Still, these chemicals can damage your septic system. Stick to a natural cleaning solution or contact a professional if you need serious pipe maintenance.

Don’t Park Vehicles In Your Septic Tank Area

The weight of a vehicle can crush and damage your septic tank, leading to expensive repairs. Additionally, leaking gasoline or oil can contaminate the soil and harm your septic system’s ability to treat wastewater effectively.

To ensure the longevity of your septic system, designate a specific area for vehicle parking far away from the septic tank. If you need to access the tank for maintenance or pumping, park on a solid surface to prevent damage. 

 Something Wrong With Your Septic Tank? Hire Us!

If you notice any issues with your septic tank, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services. Our team has years of experience and knowledge in all types of septic tank systems. You can stop searching for “septic tank pumping near me” Don’t wait until it’s too late – call us now and let us take care of your septic needs. Trust us; your home and wallet will thank you!


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